Pink Breasted Scud
  |  First Published: May 2010

Now there is no such thing as a pink-breasted scud, but I could not think of a better name.

Late autumn and early winter are not traditionally considered to be optimum in terms of a trout season; the weather is starting to deteriorate and the trout begin to head off to take care of next seasons stocking.

Many traditional fly anglers prefer to pack up and conduct maintenance on their gear and prepare next seasons patterns at the vice. There are some however who still prefer to venture out and enjoy some fantastic sport provided by pre spawn fish as they begin to move into the rivers and streams from lakes.

Many of the hatches have probably ceased or at the very least are sporadic. However in stream invertebrates still exist and can be active right through the cold winter months. This particular pattern tries to cover off two areas that still exist as the season draws to a close.

The first is that trout like to pack on as much weight as possible to see them through the rigors of spawning.

Secondly they become very testy and territorial of other beasties that come near their women and or love nests, so the little bit of colour in the fly is just the trigger for such a response.

Many anglers fishing to these pre-spawners prefer to use a bright coloured Glo bug coupled with a second more naturally coloured nymph under an indicator.

This fly incorporates both natural and bright colours and as such can be fished singularly under an indicator or with a smaller lighter trailing nymph such as one of Stu Tripney’s Pogo Nymphs.

This rig can be fished blind up into the heads of pools and faster runs as you wait in anticipation to see that indicator dip under the surface, or as is often the case, find a pool that is holding a pod of fish as they rest up on the trip upstream and cast to and pick them off one at a time. The second method is more visual and exciting.

Pre spawn fish are not terribly good fighters and are definitely not that tasty either, and all good sportsman who partake at this time of the season should do so with next seasons sport at the for front of their thinking, in other words put them back for another day.



HOOK: Mustad C49s #12
THREAD:Black Uni-thread 6/-
BODY:Black and hot pink Czech nymph dubbing.
U/BODY:Fine lead wire
RIB:Clear mono.
BACK:3mm clear Scudback

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